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How to make a bed


Without a helper: First remove the sheets, pillowcases and quilt cover, and then put on clean ones.

Time taken = 5 minutes.
Fun rating = 0/5

With a helper: First try to remove the sheets, pillowcases and quilt cover before she notices that you’re having fun without her.

Then put the first corner of the fitted sheet onto the mattress. Notice the moving lump that has appeared beneath the sheet.

Sammie190415-10bTry to entice helper from beneath sheet, and watch as she just grins at you before disappearing back underneath.

Sammie190415-06bFinally coax helper from under the sheet and get all four corners fitted. Stop to take photos of helper looking cute as she lounges on the newly fitted sheet.

Sammie190415-03bAfter a brief tussle to get the pillowcases on, attempt to insert quilt into quilt cover while simultaneously trying to remove helper.

Sammie190415-02bStop to take more photos as helper lounges on quilt preventing you from inserting it into cover.

Sammie190415-01bFinally get cover onto quilt and finish making bed.

Time taken = 45 minutes.
Fun rating = 5/5


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

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  1. rofl – love it

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