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A walk in the garden


Last week we finally got the harness on Sammie. We’ve tried before but she wasn’t impressed. This time, Stephen snuck up on her while she was watching me through the window, and popped it on her before she realised what was happening.

She’s been complaining loudly that we’ve both been working in the garden and have left her on her own so we were keen to let her out if only for ten minutes or so.

She was a bit skittish and very unsure of herself but she did have a good explore before I took her back in. She was crouched right down while walking. We’ve taken her out again a couple of times since and she was a lot more confident. She’s walking upright more now, although she still lies down after a few steps each time.

I took a short video of her on her first outing.

As you can see, the garden is very much a work in progress at the moment, which is why we’re spending so much time outside. Sammie sits in the window watching us with a sad look on her face. We give her lots of love and attention when we finish for the day to make up for abandoning her though.


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3 thoughts on “A walk in the garden

  1. don’t you usually let Sammie out in the garden?
    we’ve always let out cats out, usually from the age of 5 months. It’s stressful, like when the children start school, and there’s always the worry they’ll get lost or get beaten up by some other cat/run over/ chased by dogs (the list of worries is endless) but cats seem to have an excellent instinct for self-preservation and orientation.


    • Sammie is an indoor cat, and so will Frodo be. There are so many things that can hurt them, as I know from experience and it’s not always something that they can avoid, especially living near so many busy roads in the city. Mackie came home once with a huge gash on his leg which needed immediate attention from the vet. Whiskey had a few adventures too.
      The worst was when a neighbour called me over to see a cat being torn apart by a pack of German Shepherds in the next garden. She thought, and so did I, that it was one of mine. It was two hours before my two cats came home so you can imagine what that was like. I still feel queasy when I think about it. It’s one of those things that you can’t unsee.
      I make sure that my Sammie has lots to keep her amused inside and we play with her a lot too. She doesn’t want for anything and we’re happier knowing that she’s safe 🙂


      • ah I understand better now. Cats can be very happy living indoors, my eldest son has five cats, all living in quite a small flat ^^ They have a massive cat tree, loads of toys and seem very happy cats.

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