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More bargain frames


Last week I went charity shop trawling again. I went with my friend Jackie, to a different area this time, and we had a splendid time. We looked in loads of charity shops, and had a couple of coffee breaks. Well, you have to pace yourself and shopping can be thirsty work 😉

I was after picture frames again, and although we didn’t find as many as last time, I still came home with three suitable ones. Two of them are the right size for a couple of my cross stitch pieces – I remembered to make a note of the measurements needed this time, although it was lucky that Jackie had a tape measure as I forgot mine.


The third frame looks about the right size for a future project, which may get stitched sooner than planned now that it may have a frame.

Hopefully I’ll get time to use them soon, although I am pretty busy with the garden and other things at the moment.


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2 thoughts on “More bargain frames

  1. well done on your finds


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