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Growth in the greenhouse


I’d forgotten how much I loved gardening, and how satisfying it is to grow from seed. It’s such a thrill to see the tiny plants pushing up from the surface of the compost.

So far in the greenhouse I have marigolds and nasturtiums coming up. I’m growing those to plant in with the veggies to help to ward off pests. Those and some of the herbs should help nicely.

I also have some tiny chilli peppers and tomatoes. The bell peppers aren’t up yet, but I’m hopeful. The best results so far have been from the cucumbers.


The courgettes.


And the butternut squash. I was chuffed when four of these came up and thought that’d be plenty but every single seed has sprouted so I’m going to have lots of lovely squashes if all goes well.


I’ve got some beans in as well. Two types of French, and one runner. I’ve also got some herbs sown although only the tarragon has come up so far.

We’re doing lots of work in the garden to make places for all these to grow. I’ll share some photos of where we’re up to so far later in the week.


Author: Carole

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6 thoughts on “Growth in the greenhouse

  1. it is rewarding, isn’t it? to see everything sprouting.


    • It is. I think it appeals to the creative side of us. It’s interesting how many people I know that sew, stitch or crochet/knit and they also garden. Seeing those wee seedlings appearing was similar to how I feel when I finish a piece of cross stitch and can say “I made that”.


  2. Congratulations on your green fingers!


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