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Waiting for a mouse

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If I’m on the sofa, Sammie will often bring me a toy mouse to throw for her. As soon as I take the hint, and pick it up, she dives over to the other sofa and sits there waiting for me to throw it in her direction.


She likes it best if I throw it a little high so she has to leap for it. I love the way she catches it in her front paws, and transfers it to her mouth while in the air, so she can land on all four paws.

Sometimes I get distracted or maybe she forgets to bring the mouse back. Then she ends up sitting and waiting for long enough that she nods off.

Sammie270415-02bWhen I spotted her like that a couple of days ago, she looked so cute that I needed to snap a couple of photos, which woke her up.

Sammie270415-01bThen she remembered why she was there in the first place and demanded to play again. Obviously, I obliged 🙂




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