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Frodo’s cushion


This was probably the easiest cushion that I’ve made yet. I’ve made it specially to fit inside the cat carrier as Frodo will be travelling home all the way from Cannock and it’s a long journey for a little cat. I felt he needed something soft and squishy to cuddle up on for the journey.

I didn’t have much time to get this done so I went for the quick and easy method and did quilt-as-you-go. I used scraps too, so I’m feeling quite virtuous. I cut the batting and some muslin just a bit bigger than I’d need for the inside of the carrier. Then I picked out a couple of small scraps and stitched them to the centre, and added the rest of the fabric going round and round so it’s a bit like a log cabin effect. Once all the batting was covered, I cut a couple of pieces of fabric for the envelope-style back, hemmed the edges and sewed it all together.


I had to make a cushion inner as it’s an odd size but that didn’t take long. I just sewed two pieces of fabric together, leaving a gap to pull through. Then I topstitched the opening closed after filling it with washable stuffing.

It fits beautifully and I didn’t stuff it too tightly so it’s quite soft.


I’m rather pleased with it. Hope Frodo likes it 🙂


Author: Carole

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6 thoughts on “Frodo’s cushion

  1. gorgeous^^
    what a smart travel box for when he goes to the vets lol. Hope you bought a large travel box – Maine Coons grow big don’t they?


  2. Very cute cushion. The colors are fabulous!


  3. Looks cool, love the fabric colours – hope Frodo appreciates it! 🙂


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