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The new arrival


This morning we headed over to Cannock to pick up Frodo as he’s now twelve weeks old. We had a lovely chat with Vicki before heading back home with our new baby. Vicki gave us Frodo’s pedigree certificate plus a bag full of goodies. There was lots of food in there, all different types, some toys and a blanket. It was like Christmas going through it all.

Frodo started exploring as soon as we got home. We’d set up one of the bedrooms and had planned to give him some space to come out of the cat carrier when he was ready, but he shot out of there as soon as I got the door open. We put him some food down and he scoffed the lot before carrying on with his exploration of the room.

We didn’t want to leave Sammie alone for too long, especially as we’d been out for a couple of hours, so we left Frodo to explore while we went downstairs. After we’d had a cuppa Stephen felt a bit tired so he went up to see Frodo and then have a nap.

This is what I found when I went to check up on Frodo.

Frodo090515-07bThe were asleep when I went up but they woke when I got my phone out to take a photo.

Later on we brought Frodo down to meet Sammie. Sammie is not impressed. There was a   lot of hissing and growling from her but Frodo wasn’t the slightest bit bothered. I guess he’s used to being around other cats so wasn’t worried. He’s been really bold and has explored and played and eventually had another nap on the sofa next to me.

Frodo090515-04bAfter her initial show of displeasure, Sammie went and sat on the kitchen work surface and refused to come down. When she did come down, she only ventured a little way into the living room, where Frodo was napping, before running back to the kitchen. I let her into my craft room after a while as she likes looking out of the window in there and there are comfy spots for her to nap.

She’s looking very sad and sorry for herself. I’m getting the impression that she’s scared of Frodo, but then she hasn’t met another cat since she left her mom back in November and I’m not sure if she had any siblings.

This must all be very strange for her so I’m sitting with while I type this to keep her company and I’ve brought her something nice to eat. I plan to have an early night and take Sammie with me. She loves to play fetch and catch with her mouse when I’m in bed so I’ll spend some quality time with her and see how she feels about Frodo in the morning.

I’m sure she’ll get used to him eventually, and he seems to want to be friends with her. He’s certainly not intimidated by her. I just feel so sad for Sammie at the moment as she’s not happy about the new kitten.

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4 thoughts on “The new arrival

  1. just had a thought – is Sammie’s blog going to become Sammie & Frodo’s blog?


  2. it’ll probably take several days, maybe longer, but Sammie will come round. She probably thinks he’s come to take her place, but she’ll soon learn there is plenty of room for 2 cats ^^


    • Hopefully. That’s what everyone says, including the breeder. She does seem a bit better today. She’s still hissing but at least she’s not hiding in the kitchen now.


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