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We’re going to try something new this year. Now that we’ve cleared most of the weeds and junk, we have a reasonable sized area to grow veggies in. Reasonable for a small house in the city, that is.

I wanted to try raised beds and after reading about it, decided to have a go at Square foot gardening. I like the idea of mixing different veg in the same bed and using companion planting to help with pests. I like that it uses the space to the best advantage too.

We’ve set up five beds and will use various other containers to grow in as well.

garden120515-01 garden120515-04

The seeds that were sown in the greenhouse are all coming on nicely. I’ve started to harden some of the plants off so will be able to start putting them in the beds soon. I shall get some other veg started from seed straight into the beds too.

garden120515-02 garden120515-03

We’re hoping to get some more done to the mystery construction this week, weather permitting. It’s had to take a back seat for a week or so as we needed to build those raised beds.


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6 thoughts on “Raised beds

  1. gardening in square frames like that is really practical.
    We’ve got our strawberry plants in frames.


  2. Your seedlings and beds look great!


  3. Can’t wait to see everything in the new beds!


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