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That mystery structure


We’ve spent a lot of time working in the garden over the past couple of days. Yesterday we were outside by 7am so we could get a crack on before the rain arrived. It was forecast for lunchtime and although we had a few showers before then, we did manage to get a good five hours working on the mystery structure before we had to call it a day.

I don’t mind working in the rain, but not when power tools are involved.

This is where we’ve got to with our construction now.


It’s not perfect by any means as it’s slightly lop-sided from where the fence posts weren’t all quite the same height, plus the ground slopes so the slabs aren’t quite level. It is sturdy though, which is the most important thing. I’ve got a sore wrist from all the stapling that I’ve done with my shiny new staple gun.

We need to make a door for it next, and Stephen is going to put some cement between the slabs to neaten it up a bit and hopefully stop any weeds coming up through them. Then we need to do some work on furnishing it. It’s getting there though and we’ll be able to start using it soon.



Author: Carole

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6 thoughts on “That mystery structure

  1. is it an outdoor run for the cats?


  2. It kinda looks like an aviary, for birds, but I didn’t think birds would mind the weeds (unless you do :P)


    • Not an aviary, although that would be a cool thing to have in the garden, and it’s me that doesn’t want the weeds. I’ve enough to deal with in the rest of the garden 😉


  3. Whatever it is, it’s looking good chuck. Your garden is going to be bostin.xx


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