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An end to hostilities?


We’ve gone pretty much a week now without any hissing or growling. Ok, maybe just a little growling when Sammie got very possessive over her dinner. Other than that though, we’ve just had some over-enthusiastic playing. Frodo loves to play with Sammie and chases her and attacks her tail. Sammie chases him right back, but then she gets a bit rough with him. As soon as she walks off though, Frodo chases after her again. They’ve just been running round the room like a pair of dervishes.

Earlier there was peace for a few hours and for the first time, both of them were asleep on the cat tree.

S&F250515-01bYou’ll notice we’ve added a few enhancements to the tree in the form of a dangly, crinkly Garfield and a large King Louie that I brought back from Disneyland Paris many years ago. I thought that the kitties might like to cuddle up to him.

More to the point though, look how close they are.

S&F250515-02bAnd, just after I took the photos, Sammie had a wash and forgot herself for long enough to give Frodo a few licks. He didn’t seem particularly impressed by this and shortly afterwards, the chasing and leaping started all over again.



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2 thoughts on “An end to hostilities?

  1. awwwww – it didn’t take long, did it?

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