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Frodo gets a wash


Frodo had just pinched Stephen’s seat, when Sammie came into the room. She ran over and jumped up to Frodo. I was about to intervene as I thought she was about to attack him, but instead she did this.

She’d been licking him for about a minute before I thought to pick up the phone to video it.

Frodo’s face was a picture. He looked as if he was thinking “Oh no, what’s she doing to me now?” Eventually he wandered off to sit on the laptop, which Stephen had very kindly left open for him.

It’s lovely to see Sammie starting to accept him.


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

8 thoughts on “Frodo gets a wash

  1. It looks like they are getting on better together. Kittens seem to bring out the mothering instinct in them in the end! Looks like Frodo has grown! His big sisters and his mum also like open laptops as a favourite sleeping place, especially when I am in the middle of something!


    • It’s taken a few weeks, but she does seem to have found a maternal instinct. Of course, if he tries to approach her while she’s eating one of her sticks (treats), all bets are off as she growls at him.


      • lol, we always find that with kittens that they growl when someone else tries to take their food. Luckily as they get older they are a bit more tolerant apart from Koda, no-one steals her food or treats…….although she thinks its ok to take theirs!

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  2. Seems like Sammie is ‘making friends’ with young Frodo huh, bless. x

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  3. aw – that’s so cute


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