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2015 reading challenge link up party – June


It’s the first Sunday of the month, so time to post an update on the books that I’ve read for the challenge in the last month.

I’ve managed to read four more for the challenge taking my total up to 21/53

A funny book
The good, the bad and the emus by Donna Andrews

I love the Meg Langslow mysteries by Donna Andrews. I’ve read every one so far and they’ve all been so very funny. I rarely buy paper books these days. I either download or use the library but I always preorder these books as they’re one of my favourite series. They’re murder-mysteries and feature Meg and her increasingly eccentric family. All the books have something to do with birds, and the titles reflect this. This one had some feral emus in it, which made for some amusing moments.

A book that was made into a film
The French lieutenant’s woman by John Fowles

This has been on my To Be Read pile for a few years. I bought it in a second-hand book shop when I was looking for books on the 1001 list, and it’s been sitting on my shelves ever since. As it fitted this prompt perfectly, I thought it was time to read it. I’ve never seen the film so I can’t compare the two, but I did enjoy the book. I liked the way the author puts his own voice in there, to add the odd comment, and I liked the general writing style. It’s set in Victorian England and reminded me in part of some of the Jane Austen novels, as far as the setting and characterisation went.
One thing I do know about the film, is the theme tune for it, and sadly that was playing in my head for most of the book. It was a bit distracting 🙂

A book that was recommended by a friend
The dig by Michael Siemsen

A friend, who shares some of my reading tastes, told me about this book a couple of months ago. I downloaded it when I got home and have finally got around to reading it. He was right – I did enjoy it. It’s about a man who can get imprints from objects. He touches something and experiences the life of someone else in the past who has touched it. I loved the way it was told, with half of the story being about the life of the person who had owned one particular object and the rest being about the main character and what happens to him. It was like reading two different stories at the same time, but in a good way.

A memoir
Beyond the limit by Professor Sid Watkins

I read Life at the limit by Watkins last year and really enjoyed it so I was hoping that this sequel would be as good. While it was a fairly interesting read, I didn’t like it nearly as much as the first one. It just wasn’t as interesting and I did skim a couple of pages.

A book that isn’t in the challenge 

One of the other books that I read this month was The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins. I’ve tried, but I can’t fit it into any of my remaining prompts for this challenge. It really was too good not to mention though so here’s my thoughts on it.
It starts off being written in the voice of Rachel, the girl on the train. She takes the same trains every day and when the train slows or stops at one particular spot, she looks into the gardens of the houses that back onto the tracks. She imagines what the life of one couple is, even giving them names. Another house, she avoids looking at. From the way the book is written, you’re instantly curious about why Rachel is doing this, and what her story is. Some of the book is written from the viewpoint of Anna and Megan and from hearing what’s happening to each of these women, the story unfolds. I was completely gripped by this book and finished it in one day. I read it because it’s had such good press and there’s been a lot of chatter about it. Sometimes you find yourself disappointed by such books, but not this time. Very much recommended.

Linking up to Rachel for the challenge party.


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  1. Ooooh, that girl on the train book sounds right up my street……might try that one, cheers chuck.

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