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Rose Boudoir


Despite my intentions to concentrate on just the two projects for a while, I seem to have prepped another new one. I was rummaging in my To Be Stitched box and this one didn’t so much call to me, as leap out of the box and sprint down the craft room and into my stitching tote. What was I to do? It obviously wants to be stitched, so I must oblige.

It’s one that I had my eye on for a while, and when I saw it at the NEC show, I bought it. I love the colours in it, and the Mackintosh style. It’s called Rose Boudoir and is by Derwentwater designs. I bought it back in 2011 during the same shopping trip as when I bought the McLaren/Hamilton kit.

A trip to the craft showI did find a problem when I fastening the threads onto the card more securely. There should be 3 metres of one of the colours, but I only had 2 metres. I couldn’t find an email address for Derwentwater, so I phoned them. Luckily they’re in the UK. The very pleasant woman that I spoke to put the missing colour in the post to me. She sent the full 3 metres in case the batch is different and it doesn’t match the ones that were originally supplied.

RoseBoudoir - stash

Shame it’s Anchor that comes in the kit, as if it was DMC, there’s a good chance I’d have had some in my stash.

The kit came with 16ct Aida, but as I dislike stitching on that, I’ve replaced it with 32ct Murano in antique white. I just hope the supplied metallic silver thread behaves itself otherwise I’ll have to find something easier to stitch with.

Can’t wait to start it 🙂


Author: Carole

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7 thoughts on “Rose Boudoir

  1. I really like that design! Mackintosh are so pretty.


  2. Very pretty Art Deco! I’m sorry about the thread issue- very frustrating. I can’t wait to see your updates!


  3. it will make a change from the earthy colours for your African project


  4. Very lovely and delicate 🙂


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