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Garden update – flowers


I was really excited a couple of mornings ago, when I went into the garden to find huge flowers on my courgettes. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take a photo until the afternoon by which time, the flowers had closed up slightly. There have been more flowers since so I’m anticipating a few courgettes soon.

250615-03I grew five cucumbers from seed, one of which didn’t survive. Out of the remaining four, two didn’t survive being planted into the grow bags but the other two are doing quite well now that they’ve had a bit of sun. I’ve started some more from seed to replace the ones that didn’t make it, and hopefully they’ll catch up. The good news is that one of the cucumbers has a flower.

250615-02The tomatoes are doing quite nicely. I have three tomato Shirley in the greenhouse, and they’ve got several trusses of flowers at the moment.

250615-01Outside I have nine Sungold, which is a yellow cherry tomato, and nine Tumbling Tom, which is a trailing red cherry tomato. They’re all quite small still, but if we get some more summer, they’ll hopefully do well. We really like tomatoes.



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2 thoughts on “Garden update – flowers

  1. good-o ^^
    our tomatoes aren’t doing very well, but our brocoli wimm kae up for it. We’ve also planted a few other things since but from seed, so it’s slow growing


    • Everything seems slow this year. The weather has been too cool and wet to get anything started early. It does look as if I’m going to need a few more courgette recipes though, so that’s good.
      Broccoli is one thing that I haven’t tried. Looking forward to seeing how yours is doing 🙂


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