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Garden update – we have peas!


I’ve picked the first mange tout peas and the first courgette. Both have been eaten and were delicious. The mange tout went into a stir fry and I attacked the courgette with my new spiralizer. We’re loving the courgetti that it makes.

050715-04The plants in the garden are still coming on slowly. The weather is so changeable that they don’t know whether they’re coming or going. The greenhouse is doing a little better though. I’ve had a good tidy in there and set up the staging on both sides to take peppers and chillis.

050715-03 050715-01One of the cucumbers at the end is romping away, and the one that I replaced the one that failed with is doing its best to catch up. The tomato Shirley are doing well and have several small tomatoes on them.

The tomato Sungold outside the greenhouse aren’t doing too badly. They’re growing nicely and flowering. The huge thing next to them is one of the courgettes and is also doing well.

050715-02Note the little pots of marigolds scattered around. I’m hoping to avoid using chemicals for pest control if possible so have tried some companion planting. There are both marigolds and nasturtiums in the raised beds, although the blackfly seem to prefer my runner beans to the nasturtiums.

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4 thoughts on “Garden update – we have peas!

  1. Fresh garden peas are so tasty and the more you pick, the more you get 🙂


    • I think they taste nicer just because you’ve grown them yourself, and it’s lovely to have them so fresh. Must have a rummage and see if there’s enough on there for today’s lunch.
      There’s definitely a couple more courgettes 🙂


  2. wow! everything is looking very lush!


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