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The courgettes are doing very nicely now. I’ve picked about six so far and there are loads more coming on. I like courgettes but in order to persuade Stephen to eat them pretty much every day, I needed to come up with some interesting recipes to use them.

Last night I tried something new. I chopped one courgette, a couple of tomatoes and half a red onion. They went into an ovenproof dish and were sprinkled with a good slosh of balsamic vinegar and a drizzle of olive oil. 30 minutes at 180 and it was done to perfection. It went very nicely with some lamb chops.

Today I made a tart. I’m not brilliant at pastry. I don’t think I’ve made any for about thirty years so I may be a bit out of practise. Given that, I used bought pastry. It was even rolled out so made life a lot easier. I used it to line a shallow dish and it was then baked blind for 20 mins at 180.

For the filling I chopped two courgettes, a red onion, some garlic and a few rashers of bacon. I threw in a handful of mange tout from the garden too. They were sautéed in olive oil until soft. That was placed in the pastry dish.

I beat four eggs, added five tbsp of greek yoghurt and a handful of grated cheese. I threw in a few herbs from the garden and seasoned it. That was poured over the veg mix, popped in the oven and baked at 180 for 30 mins.

It smelt amazing while it was cooking and it tasted really good too.

Courgette flanI served it with some home-made mayo-free coleslaw and it was lovely. Plenty left for tomorrow too.

Both recipes came from this blog

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6 thoughts on “Courgettes

  1. What are courgettes? Is it a plant?


  2. oh what perfect timing for some courgette recipes lol. One of my French friends suggested just slicing, putting slices of goats cheese on top, sprinkling with “herbes de provence” and then 2 minutes in the microwave lol.


  3. It looks and sounds delicious 🙂 I don’t like courgettes either but I could be persuaded to try this recipe.


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