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More veggies to come


I’ve planted lots of different veg in the garden this year. So far I’ve only harvested some mangetout, several courgettes, assorted salad leaves, and a couple of handfuls of radishes. It looks as if there’s a lot more to come though.

I’ve got three different varieties of tomatoes, (21 plants altogether) and the Shirley, in the greenhouse, is looking very good at the moment. I don’t think it’ll be too long before we have some lovely fresh tomatoes.

180715-05I’ve also got a couple of different varieties of chilli pepper. The ones outside aren’t doing very well, but in the greenhouse they look a lot better. The chilli Apache even has tiny peppers on it.

180715-02Out of the five cucumber plants that came up from seed, only two survived being planted into grow bags. They’re both looking very good. I think the one in the greenhouse is trying to escape. I planted some more seeds, once I could see how the first lot were doing, and got four more good plants, but they’re slow to catch up with the original two. Maybe they’ll get there before the season ends, but in the meantime, it looks like the first two are going to produce something soon.

180715-03I’ve got a few different beans growing, but the dwarf french beans Purple Teepee are doing the best so far. There are some teeny-tiny beans showing now. Not long till I can harvest them, hopefully.

180715-04I’ve got twelve butternut squash plants scattered round the garden. I did plan to grow about five or six, but all the seeds germinated and were growing strongly and I didn’t have the heart to put them in the compost bin, so found homes for them all. Some are growing faster than others and on some there are flowers just starting to appear.

180715-01I really love squash and have plans to make curries and soups with them, so I do hope they do well.

I’m really enjoying the garden now. It’s brilliant being able to pop outside to get a few fresh herbs or a couple of radishes for the salad. I’ve got rocket, spinach beet, mustard and a couple of different lettuce to snip at for salad leaves too.


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2 thoughts on “More veggies to come

  1. hihi, I’m cooking up veggies from the garden for dinner tonight and taken photos to do a blog post ^^
    your veggies are coming along nicely. Yummy tomatoes on the way!


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