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Owls with friends – part two


I posted a few days ago about my trip to Birmingham with Jackie and Fliss to find as many owls as we could. We walked almost ten miles in a few hours and found about eighty owls, which we thought was pretty good. I had far too many photos to put in one post, so here goes with part two.

After photographing the owls in Victoria Square, which is where I left off last time, we went into the Art gallery and museum. It’s an incredible place, with lots to see, including the Staffordshire Hoard – and it’s free. They have one of the large owls and he’s a beauty.


He also has a pun-tastic name – G’owl’d. Love it. Some of the owls have the most brilliant names. G’owl’d has hieroglyphs all over him and a chart at the side so you can translate them.

G'owl'd-2See those coloured ones by his feet? They spell out the artist’s name – Temper.

There were a further 26 small owls in the art gallery, all in one room. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Art gallerySome of them were amazing. I really loved this one. He’s covered in album covers from the likes of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Rockin' Owl over the world

Rockin’ Owl over the world

After the art gallery, we walked on towards Brindley Place passing some more lovely owls on the way. In Chamberlain Square we spotted this one.

The Ship

The Ship

In Centenary Square we found these.



TropicOwl (both)

Tropic Owl

Tropic Owl is sponsored by Twycross Zoo. I loved the giraffe on his back.

Also in Centenary Square was this beauty. Look how he matches the library!

Wise old owl

Wise Old Owl

One of my favourites was outside the ICC. He had bits of Birmingham all over him, including an eye that matches the Selfridges building, some of the library design on his chest, and reference to the canals. He is gorgeous.

Welcome to Birmingham (both)

Welcome to Birmingham

Inside the ICC, we found Owlfred. He has pictures of local heroes and famous faces on him. We spotted Ozzy and Jasper Carrot, among others.



Finally we made it all the way up to Brindley Place, where we found this one. His artwork references Brindley Place and its environs – IKON, the canals, tree-lined squares and international cuisine. He’s very handsome and I love his eyes.

The Oozells Owl

The Oozells Owl

This one wins the award for the most pun-tastic name so far. It’s perfect, although I keep getting the song in my head now.

You can call me Owl

You can call me Owl

We spotted lots more owls than those that I’ve added to the post. Some I took photos of, and some I didn’t. I regret not getting a photo of the lovely Midnight Moths at Brindley Square but there was a workman with his truck right behind it. I may need to go back to get him. I’ve added most of my favourites to the post to give you a flavour of what we saw though and I think you can see just how much fun it is to go Owl-hunting.

There will be a part three to our adventure, as we captured yet more owls as we walked back to our bus stop, via the cathedral and Snow Hill station. Coming soon…


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2 thoughts on “Owls with friends – part two

  1. I think the telephone box one is my fav so far- looking forward to seeing the rest!


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