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More owls in Brum


Stephen had a holiday day last Wednesday so we went up to Birmingham to try to spot the owls that I was still missing. We wanted to start at the Jewellery Quarter so we got the bus into town, and then the tram out. I’d never been on the new tram before and I was really impressed. It’s bright, clean and very smooth. We were at the JQ in no time at all.

The first owl was right outside the station, Brown Inky Owl and the next one was just around the corner. We had intended to take the tram back to Birmingham, but as the next owl was halfway back to town, we walked instead. This is the owl that was on the way there. It’s one of my many favourites.

Bejewelled Owl

Bejewelled Owl

We carried on walking into town, going via Church Street to pick up Nature’s Growth and then headed to Corporation Square where we found a few more owls.

I rather liked this one.

Leo side


We then found the ones that were scattered around that side of town before heading to the Bull Ring for some lunch. We went to Ed’s Easy Diner in Selfridges. I’d hoped to have pancakes but they only serve them before 11am so I was too late. I had a burger instead, as did Stephen and they were very nice indeed. I liked it there and would go again.

Next we found the owl near the front of New Street Station and from there we went to Burlington Arcade where we spotted another one of my favourites.

Swirly Whirly Birmingham Owl-land

Swirly whirly Birmingham Owl-land

The artwork on this one is stunning. I loved all the little details especially this bit with the bull.

Swirly Whirley Birmingham Owl-land bull_eOnce I’d taken plenty of photos of Swirly Whirly, we went looking for the owl inside New Street Station, which is another one with brilliant detail.

Owl Aboard!

Owl Aboard!

Next was one round the corner in John Bright Street, and then we carried on towards The Cube. I’ve never been there before and it’s a lovely building. They had one owl in the Atrium and another up on the rooftop terrace of the Marco Pierre White steakhouse. The views from up there were amazing, although I did get a bit wibbly after a while – it was very high.

Stephen in CubeI’m not quite sure what Stephen was doing there. Probably telling me to get a move on with the photo.

From The Cube we walked back to The Mailbox, another place I hadn’t been before. It’s lovely. Lots of shops and restaurants and right on the canal. We found one large owl inside The Mailbox, just outside the BBC and eight little owls inside the BBC. We also found this.

TardisAnd this.DalekWe got quite excited about those as we love Doctor Who. There were loads of different things to look at inside the Beeb, and if it wasn’t for The Big Hoot, we’d never have thought to go there.

We needed to get the owl at Gas Street Basin, so rather than walk via the street, we went on the canal path, which was lovely. This is the owl that we found there.

Bob the bat

Bob the bat

He’s a lovely owl, but what fabulous surroundings. I loved that you were on the canal with really old buildings and brickwork, and yet there were all these beautiful modern buildings surrounding you too. A real taste of old and new coming together. I’d like to go back for a longer walk along the canal as we really enjoyed it there.

We’d now got all the owls in and around the city centre, apart from three near to Aston University. I can get those another time though as I have to go to the uni for some training soon. We’d been lucky with the weather. There were a couple of showers but otherwise it was dry and fairly warm. I took the chance to get a better look at some of the owls that I’d only had time to glance at last time, due to the rain, and found some details that I’d missed before.

One of the owls that I really like is Welcome to Birmingham, outside the ICC. On this visit I spotted this on his side.

Welcome to Birmingham floozie_eIt’s the Floozie in the Jacuzzi! Brilliant.

Another favourite, and yes I do have a lot of favourites, is New Street Flyer. His eyes are lovely.

New Street Flyer eyes_eI’d noticed them before but hadn’t taken a close up photo. I hadn’t spotted the beautiful detail on his feet before though. Just look at this.

New Street Flyer feet_eIsn’t that fab?

There are so many gorgeous owls in Birmingham and once again I had a great time finding them. We walked about eight miles too so got a bit of exercise.

I took far too many photos to include them all in the post, but I’m going to sneak in a couple more, just because they’re too lovely to leave out. (ok, maybe more than a couple).



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6 thoughts on “More owls in Brum

  1. Thank you for posting your owl adventure! It would be so hard to pick a favorite – maybe the next one, or the next!


  2. Midnight is my favorite. But the name Tea T Owl!!!


  3. I’m really enjoying following you on your owl hunts – they’re all gorgeous

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