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In between owl hunting I’ve done quite a bit of work in the garden. Lots of the plants need to be tied up or tidied, weeds keep popping up all over and even with all the rain we’ve had, I’ve still been out watering most days.

I’ve had a steady supply of courgettes from the garden. I’m really chuffed with how well those five plants are doing and I’ll definitely grow more next year, although I may try some different varieties. I’ve a hankering for some yellow ones.

Yesterday I made some courgette relish and some pickled courgettes to go with the courgette chutney that I made a few days ago. We’ve had courgette fritters and courgette lasagna this week too. It’s a very versatile vegetable, which is just as well, all things considered.

Plenty more to come too, by the looks of it.

070815courgettesSo far I’ve only picked three cucumbers. The first one was a bit misshapen, but tasted just fine. The other two were perfect mini cucumbers, which we prefer to the full size ones. There are quite a few coming on, so maybe we won’t have to buy too many more this summer.

070815cucumbersThere are lots of tomatoes on the 21 different plants that I have scattered in the greenhouse and around the garden. The three Shirley in the greenhouse are doing the best, but even those have still to produce a ripe, red tomato. I’m guessing that if we get a few sunny days, I’m going to be suddenly drowning in them.

070815tomatoesThe chilli plants outside haven’t done anything. I wasn’t that optimistic to be honest, but I had spare plants, a full greenhouse and space for them outside. It was worth a try, and if we’d had a better summer, they might have done ok.

The ones in the greenhouse aren’t doing too badly. There are definitely some chillies growing on them now so I have high hopes.

070815chilliesThere are a few flowers on the bell peppers, but nothing more at the moment.

Outside, the squash plants are romping away. They’re making lots of green growth and are getting quite big. I was very excited to find a baby squash hiding under the foliage on one of the plants. Hopefully the first of many.

070815SquashI’ve had another good picking from the purple French beans and the runner beans are starting to look quite promising. I’ve had to blast the blackfly off those each night with the hose, as I’ve had quite a problem with them, but the organic approach seems to be working, especially there are over a dozen ladybirds on them now.

Hopefully the next update will have pics of ripe tomatoes and chillies.




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2 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. oooh lots of yummy veggies in store ^^
    our courgettes are keeping us well supplied, and the first row of green beans are just about ready for picking. I’ll have to take my camera down to the veggie patch, but it’s raining today.


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