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3 thoughts on “PD-06

  1. That is truly impressive. I love it. I hadn’t considered using basting stitches to keep your count, but it makes all the sense in the world. The basting stitched don’t get caught in the working threads? You “stitch in the ditch” I guess?


    • It makes counting a lot easier. A lot of people use gridding on larger projects. Some people use a washable marker pen and some use fishing line. I took a chance on using ordinary sewing cotton. I have split it a couple of times but I’m confident that it’ll come out ok with a bit of care. You can even buy special fabric with the gridding already on – I think it’s called magic guide or something like that.


      • Yes, I know what you mean. That’s so you can stitch onto ungridded things. I might use that on an apron I’m about to do, for example. But I think I’ll try it on my next big one. Your fish look amazing, too.


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