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Sammie’s birthday present


Sammie is one year old in a few days so we’ve bought her a lovely new cat tree. It’s large enough for both of the cats to enjoy and has large platforms so Frodo will still fit on it in a couple of years.

We assembled it today, after rearranging one of the upstairs rooms to accommodate the old tree. I can see it won’t be long before we have something in every room for the cats.

We started by taking the strapping off the boxes, and as the cats looked rather interested in it, I tied it onto the door handle for them to play with. I was hoping it would keep them occupied while we emptied the boxes.

NewTree-01Sammie preferred to be in the box so we had to gently coax her out so we could take out all the pieces. There were a lot of them, and the cats came to investigate once I’d got them all lined up.

NewTree-02At first, the cats were very curious about what we were doing and attempted to help. Frodo inspected each piece as it was fastened in place.

NewTree-03After a while they got fed up of that game and went for a nap. Not too far though, they needed to be able to keep an eye on us.

NewTree-04It wasn’t to hard to assemble, once we’d realised that you had to start from almost the top and work down, supporting the various platforms as you worked and finally turning it the right way up before adding the last couple of pieces. It was easy to work out which bit went where and it fastened together easily.

NewTree-05It’s a Gingerbread XXL cat tree. It seems to be very sturdy, especially as those bottom pieces are really heavy. Β It probably has the same amount of platforms as the other tree but as they’re larger, this one takes up a lot more room. I liked that you can swing the smaller base around to have the tree in an L-shape or straight, or something in-between. With a bit of playing, we found the best shape to fit it into the space we had.

They’re both asleep on it now. I’ll post some pics of them enjoying it soon.

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7 thoughts on “Sammie’s birthday present

  1. wow that’s some cat tree!!!!


  2. Ah Happy Birthday Sammie! What a fab cat tree πŸ™‚

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  3. Aww, that’s so cute! Happy birthday, Sammie!

    Liked by 1 person

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