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The new cat tree


Both cats seem to like their new tree. Sammie has really taken to one of the cosy platforms. It’s soft and snuggly and she can curl up inside it.

Sammie150815-02 Sammie150815-03 Sammie150815-01Frodo seems to like the house. It’s really big and would easily fit both of them at the moment. Frodo seems to like that he can stretch right out inside it and watch what’s going on from the little balcony at the front.

Frodo150815-01I’ve put a cushion inside it for them as they both like to lean up against something soft.

Sammie has been mostly using the lower of the two bed platforms. She’s had a look at the upper one but hasn’t spent as much time in it yet. Frodo had a nap in the top one earlier and all you could see was the tip of one ear.

It’s great to see them both enjoying it.

Cats150815-01I still can’t get into my bookcases very easily, but as long as the cats are happy, eh?

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6 thoughts on “The new cat tree

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  2. Ah lovely to see them both using the new furniture. Sammie’s markings look beautifully coordinated with her nest! 🙂


  3. I reckon you need a few more cats now lol

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