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Birthday girl


As I may have mentioned before, it was Sammie’s first birthday on Thursday. She had a lovely day, starting with a big cuddle after her breakfast. Then it was time for her birthday cards. I’d bought her one, and another one arrived from Jackie and Fliss.

BirthdayGirl2015-01_bShe had a special birthday lunch. She usually has Whiskers or occasionally a treat of some Gourmet, but today she had a tin of white tuna with shrimp. With one of her favourite chewy sticks stuck in it. I’m pretty sure she’d prefer that to a candle 😉

BirthdayGirl-02_bShe was very keen to get her paws on it while I was preparing it, but she seemed a bit bemused about how to eat it once it was down.

We took it off her for a moment and mashed it up while she sat and waited.

Sammie200815-01_bShe really enjoyed it, and left a few crumbs for Frodo, who had his lunch upstairs so Sammie could enjoy her treat undisturbed.

Next we made a ball pit for them to play in. I’d seen the balls in Asda and thought the cats might like them. We used one of the boxes that the cat tree came in.

Sammie200815-03_bThe cats were a bit dubious about it, and we’ve since taken most of the balls back out to see if they prefer that.

They love chasing the balls round the house, so I can see that we’re going to be finding them everywhere now. They’re easier to find than the little ones though and can’t squeeze under the sofas so at least we won’t be finding them all hiding under there.

Frodo is a budding footballer and will chase a ball round for ages. He seems to really like these balls as they’re very soft and light. Good job really, as we do have rather a lot of them.


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2 thoughts on “Birthday girl

  1. Happy belated birthday to Sammie.


  2. Soooo cute!!! Sounds like she had a good birthday!


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