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The garden is still looking good and we’re getting a steady supply of courgettes, some of which have been turned into pickles and chutney. We’ve had a couple of decent pickings of beans too. I’m growing runner beans, purple bush French beans and mixed climbing French beans. They all taste great picked fresh and cooked the same day.

19Aug-beans_bNot much else has been ready to harvest, but there’s plenty coming on still. There are more runner beans.

18Aug-runners_bAll the French beans are starting to crop really well too.

The Sungold tomatoes have plenty of tomatoes on the plants, but they’re all green still. A couple look like they’re about to turn yellow though.

18Aug-Toms_bThe Shirley tomatoes, in the greenhouse, are also full of fruits. I’ve had to support most of the trusses as the weight of the tomatoes was bending the stems.

And, just look at this. There are a couple that are starting to turn red!

18Aug-toms3_bThe chillis are still looking good. There are lots of fruits on the plants but again, they’re still all green. Hopefully a bit of sunshine will ripen them up.

18Aug-chillis_bThe peppers are all developing nicely so I’m hoping we have enough summer left for them to grow a bit more and ripen.

18Aug-peppers_bI also have a couple of plants of the long pointy peppers and one of them has three peppers on it. One of them is about seven inches long.

18Aug-peppers2_bFinally, there’s the butternut squash. The plants are growing fast so I’ve pinched all the tips out to try to force them to put their energy into growing all the teeny squashes that have appeared. This is the best one at the moment. It’s almost ready to pick.

18Aug-squash_bIf we get a bit of summer, I can see all that being ready to pick all at the same time. Good job I have a big freezer, eh?

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