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I’m a bit lacking in photos this time. I’ve just started a new job and have been coming home too tired to do much more than check the watering in the greenhouse. We’re doing some pretty intensive training, and trying to focus and concentrate all day is harder than I thought. I’m enjoying it though.

I do have a couple of photos of veggies picked last weekend. There have been plenty of beans, both French and runner.

Harvest2808-02The Sungold tomatoes are ripening a few at a time. They’re lovely and sweet.

Harvest300815There have been masses of courgettes. At one point there were six in the fridge and Stephen had suggested that the next batch to be pickled might be good with cauliflower in. I had to buy that, but used some green tomatoes from the greenhouse with the courgettes, plus some bought shallots and a few carrots from the fridge that needed using up.

Harvest2808-01I found a nice recipe for piccalilli on the River Cottage website and made this lot.

picalilli01Just need to let it alone to mature now. It looks delicious so I’m looking forward to trying it.

I’ve just had a good clear out in the greenhouse. The cucumbers were finished so I’ve taken those out and rearranged things a bit to give the chillis and peppers a bit more space. Some of the Apache chillis are starting to ripen which I’m quite excited about. I’m hoping to get a massive glut soon so I can make some chilli jam.


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4 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. You are making me hungry! I love beans and pickle too.


  2. oooh your veggies are doing well!
    I love the variety of beans you have – I’m thinking we’ll do that next year too


    • I’ve done really well with the dwarf French beans. It’s a variety called Purple Teepee. I do like the one lot of climbing beans though. It was a mixed seed packet with three different colours in it. They’re cropping well at the moment and I love being able to pick a selection.


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