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Frodo had to have an overnight stay at the vet last week. He’s been sneezing and snuffling a bit so has had various tests to find the problem. Our own vet took x-rays of his skull and chest when he went in to be snipped ‘n’ chipped and found nothing. He hasn’t had a temperature and a swab found no bacteria that shouldn’t be there. He’s lively and affectionate and has a good appetite.

Our vet was great and took the time to show us the x-rays on the screen, and explained what we were seeing. It was fascinating.

So, next step was to refer him to a specialist and luckily there’s a very good one not far from here. They had him in for the day, and as he had a biopsy, which bled a little, they kept him overnight to keep an eye on him. They did a CT scan, which didn’t show anything abnormal, and have done a few different tests that we’re waiting for results on.

We’re really hoping there’s something there that can be treated as it must be miserable having cold symptoms all the time. If we can’t treat it though, at least we’ll know we did everything we could to find the cause.

At the referral vet, it was a bit like being in an episode of Super Vet, which we love watching. It was also very expensive so hooray for pet insurance.

Frodo was a bit clingy when he got home and came to sit by me, getting as close as he could without actually being on my lap. He managed to wrap himself around my arm so I was immobilised for a few hours.

Frodo170915-03_bIt’s a bit tricky taking a photo of a cat when he’s got your arm trapped. Luckily Stephen was in and took a couple for me.


He must have had a vet smell about him for a few days as Sammie was quite scared of him. She really doesn’t like the vet so we think that was why she was hissing and growling at him. From a distance – she wouldn’t get too close and was very wary if he was in the same room.

She’s ok again now. They’re chasing each other round the bedroom at the moment, so I’m having to hang on to the laptop as they keep using the bed as a shortcut. They do seem to get a burst of energy just as I go to bed. Little monkeys 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Cat scan

  1. hopes vets find out what’s wrong


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