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The cat pen


I thought it was about time that I showed you what we built in the garden so the cats can get some fresh air. We looked around for ages to find a reasonable sized cat enclosure but the only ones suitable were way too much money and were pretty basic.

We knew what we wanted so I started roughing it out on a pad and came up with a design that would be sturdy enough without costing too much. We made it all ourselves which took a few days, spread over a couple of weeks, and it may be ever so slightly wonky, but it does the job.

Cat pen 220815-01_bIt’s 4m long by 2m wide and has a slabbed base. That looks a bit mismatched as we used whatever slabs we had lying about in the garden.

Cat pen 220815-02_bWe wanted somewhere that the cats could go to shelter from the sun (if we got any) and hide in if they wanted to have a nap. We found a rabbit hutch on Amazon that looked ok so installed that. They like sitting on top of it so they can see what I’m doing.

Cat pen 220815-03_bAt the other end we’ve put some wooden staging that was in the shed. They enjoy sitting on that too as like most cats, they like being high up. Frodo likes to do acrobatics on the bars beneath the top of it.

We also made a climbing frame for them out of logs from a tree that we had cut down. It’s bolted together and has thick string wrapped round in places to give extra grip when climbing and for scratching. I’ve also hung some balls from the staging and climbing frame.

cats290815-02_bSammie is a bit of a climber and she’s explored every inch of the pen. She does get a bit nervous if there are children making a lot of noise in the nearby gardens so we try to only take her out if it’s fairly quiet. We only take them out if one of us is working in the garden, or if I’m doing a lot of cooking and can keep my eye on them from the kitchen.

Cats290815-01_bI don’t suppose we’ll get much more use out of it this year, but hopefully we’ll get a drier summer next year and we can all get outside more.


Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “The cat pen

  1. Thanks. The cats seem to approve so that’s always a plus 🙂
    I just hope we get a better spring/summer next year so we can all get more fresh air.


  2. it’s brilliant!
    really well thought out, lots of places for scratchy claws. They may not get much chance to use it before the colder weather but it’ll be great in the Spring!


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