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Chilli peppers!

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Woot! I’ve harvested the first of the chillies. The Apache plants have had loads of tiny chillies on for ages but they’ve really taken their time to ripen to a nice red. The bit of sun we had last week has done the trick though and I managed to pick quite a few. All but a couple of those have now been made into chilli jam. Can’t wait to try that. Bet it’ll be smashing on a bacon butty!

I’ve also picked more tomatoes. We’ve picked two or three of the Shirley each week and a lot of Sungold. A fair few of the Sungold never reach the kitchen though as they’re just so sweet and bite-sized 😉

The courgettes are still cropping well. Two of the plants are gone now but the remaining three are still going. You only need to ignore them for a couple of days though and you end up with a marrow instead of a courgette. We’ve already stuffed a couple of the big ones, and I’ve made jars and jars of pickled courgette and also some piccalilli. This one has been turned into chunky dill pickles, with dill from the garden. Yum.

harvest2909It looks like the French beans are finished now but we may get one more handful of runner beans. We’ve done well with the beans this year. I’ll definitely grow more next year, but climbing rather than bush. I found the yield was better for the space they took, and I preferred the taste.


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