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Following Frodo’s round of tests at the referral vet, he was put onto two different medications. Both were antibiotics, one a tablet and the other one a liquid. The liquid one is the longer term one, about 40 days and should be squirted into his mouth with the syringe. He was having none of that and as he’s very strong and very determined, we were really struggling with it. Even with both of us trying to get the meds down him, and holding him in a towel to control him more easily, it didn’t work.

I didn’t want to stress him any more, and he obviously didn’t like the syringe so after checking with the vet, we’ve been adding it to his food. He needs a bit of coaxing to eat it, but I reckon part of that is him milking it a bit. I have to get on the floor with him, scoop some food onto a spoon and he’ll eat it off that as long as I’m cuddling him with the other hand. Sometimes it takes a while, but he’s getting most of the antibiotic down him that way, and with no stress. I’m pretty sure he’s enjoying all the attention.

The tablets were much easier in comparison. We knew there was no way he was going to let us put a tablet in his mouth so we got some of these.

pill pocketsThey are brilliant. The tablets are quite small, and he had two in the morning for ten days. One tablet fitted nicely into a pill pocket, which you then seal up and roll into a ball. Just to make sure, I then sprinkle a bit of ‘magic powder’ on it and roll the pill pocket in it. He just eats them and the pills go down a treat. He’s had all those now and we had no trouble at all. The pill pockets were quite expensive, but worth it for not stressing him.

The magic powder is Fortiflora which makes the food much more appetising and is also good for his stomach. I sometimes add it to his food to encourage him to take his medicine-laced Whiskas.

He’s still got quite a bit of the liquid antibiotic to take, but it’s looking encouraging. He’s almost stopped sneezing and his breathing sounds normal. He’s got a lot, and I do mean a lot more energy and is running round the house like a little dervish. Poor Sammie doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s also got a bit more mischievous, but we’re not complaining. It’s brilliant seeing him so lively and obviously feeling good.


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4 thoughts on “Frodo’s meds

  1. it’s always a pain getting cats to take meds orally. Glad you’ve found a stress-free solution


  2. Poor Frodo, having to take meds. At least they help and he doesn’t mind.

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