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The Hop Inn


When we went to the pet show at the NEC, we bought a few of the cats’ Christmas presents. One of the gifts that we were tempted by was something called the Hop Inn. I think it was originally made for bunnies but it’s also the perfect size for cats so is now marketed for all sorts of pets. It comes in a range of colours but we liked the purple. We bought a cube plus one of the three-way tunnels, which just slots into the cube to make one piece. You can extend it indefinitely, limited only by your wallet and the size of your house.

We helped the cats to unwrap the two parts, popped them open and put them together. The cats were straight in there.

Cats251215-01-bThey definitely like them as not only have they both been running in and out of it, but they’ve also slept in there.

Frodo251215-03_bFrodo likes to curl up inside the cube so he can keep an eye on what’s going on elsewhere.

Frodo251215-02-bSammie likes the cube, but she goes right into the middle to sleep and curls up tightly where I can’t take her photo.

Sammie251215-02-bThey’ve played chase through the tunnels and sardines in the cube and generally seem happy with it. How long we’ll leave it assembled in the living room though is a different matter. It does take up quite a lot of space. Once the room goes back to normal after Christmas, we’ll see if we can fit it in anywhere for a bit longer.

I think Frodo would like that.



Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “The Hop Inn

  1. Very cute play toy for the kitties! I have never seen that before. I will have to tell my friend about it. Looks like fun.


  2. Very nice :), and such cute cats


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