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A new craft light


I’ve got so used to using a magnifying lamp to cross stitch, that I can no longer work without one. It makes such a huge difference and lets me stitch for longer. I’ve been using a free-standing one that I bought at the NEC a couple of years ago and it was fine up until the point when it broke. The part where the flexible tubing meets the rigid tubing came apart so it wouldn’t stay where you put it. I’ve had duck tape on it for a while, which helped but then I spotted mention of some stuff called Sugru that might fix it a bit better.

Sadly, it was too heavy for the Sugru.

maglight01It was worth a try but after this failed attempt, I decided it was time for a replacement. A couple of days later, this arrived at my local Waitrose. (I really love shopping from the comfort of my sofa)

maglight02It was quick and easy to assemble and is almost identical to my old one. It’s a different colour, but the dimensions, design and specs are the same.


It didn’t have a clip on it, but the old one fitted it just fine.

maglight04Look, it’s perfect!

maglight03The only other thing it was missing was a cover for the light, to protect it, but being the same size as the old one, my original cover fitted this one too.

maglight06Now that I have a working magnifying lamp again, I can carry on with some stitching without having to sit awkwardly to accommodate a broken lamp.

Oh, and as a bonus, it came in a lovely big box, which the cats took possession of before it was even empty. I’ve let them have it to play in.




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4 thoughts on “A new craft light

  1. It really is the pits when something we have used and gotten so comfortable with, decides to fail. So happy that you were able to replace it easily and that the cover and clip from the old one transferred to the new one. Commence stitching! LOL


  2. an excellent investment – a stitcher can’t stitch without a decent lamp
    and the cats look happy with the bonus box lol


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