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The wibbly, wobbly Christmas tree


We started looking for presents for the cats a couple of months before Christmas and spotted a little tree in one of the pet stores. I was really taken with it as it bounced around nicely when moved and I was sure that the cats would enjoy it.

I had intended to wrap it, but quickly realised that it was going to be a bit tricky so gave it to them before Christmas, to hopefully distract them from the other Christmas tree. (it did help a bit)

Xmas tree - 04_b2Both cats have enjoyed pouncing on it, fighting with it and sitting on it so it was definitely a success.

Frodo081215-01_b Frodo081215-06_bFrodo in particular, really seems to enjoy sitting on it, even though he doesn’t actually fit very well. It’s still reasonably intact too. It’s just a little wonky from being sat on.

It’s been put away in their toy cupboard now and we’re hoping it’ll be fresh and new for them when we bring it out again next Christmas.


Author: Carole

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7 thoughts on “The wibbly, wobbly Christmas tree

  1. Adorable 🙂


  2. Looks and sounds like they had a lot of fun with that cute tree toy. I’m sure it will be just as fun next year. Your kitty looks so cute sitting on it like he is king of the hill.

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  3. cats are like children, they never play with toys exactly how the manufacturer intended ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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