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Rose Boudoir – #4


Having finished the African Sampler (hooray!) with plenty of time left until I show it off at the next SAL update, I thought I’d get this one out again. I hope to finish this one before starting anything new, but we’ll see how well I do at resisting the call of the projects box.

I feel like I’ve spent ages on it but without getting very far, probably because a lot of it was the dreaded silver metallic. It splits horribly and gets all snaggly and snarly so you can only use very short lengths to stitch with. I hope I have enough of it, as I really don’t have to want to buy more of the wretched stuff. Next time a kit comes with a metallic, I’m replacing it with Kreinik, as I did with the African Sampler.

This is where I left Rose Boudoir back in September.


And this is how it looks now.

RoseBoudoir-04It looks like solid blocks of colour for most of it, but it isn’t. There are several similar colours used to give subtle shading, and there are also blends used for even more subtlety. Some is stitched in two strands and some is single. It’s fun to stitch, and now that I’ve done all the metallic for the rose, I shall enjoy ‘colouring’ it in.

RoseBoudoir-05I may get the top section finished before updating this again as it’s going quite fast now that I can see what I’m doing. My new magnifying lamp is so much brighter than the old one. I love it!


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8 thoughts on “Rose Boudoir – #4

  1. I can’t wait to see your SAL finish 🙂 The shapes in this new WIP are beautiful. Don’t allow it to return to the UFO box. It’ll be lovely to see it finished as well.


  2. Your stitching is so beautiful and even. You have stitched quite a bit already. I’ll bet you finish it before too long.


  3. Very pretty 🙂 Colouring in is definitely very fun


  4. Beeswax cakes! I can’t tell you how much cussing and tooth-grinding they’ve saved me with metallics. They even come in special little plastic cases made just for running floss through.


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