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Reading and Fibrecrafts

My reading buddy


On my days off from work, I sometimes like to read in bed for an hour or two before getting up. Sammie loves that and usually comes for a cuddle.

sammie181015-01_bAfter she’s had enough fuss, she settles down either on my legs or snuggled up to them, and has a nap. It’s sometimes hard to concentrate on the book while she’s being so cute though.

sammie111015-02_bShe was really happy while I’ve been off work with the flu. I stayed in bed and alternately napped and read, and Sammie thought it was her birthday. She stayed with me pretty much all day and night. Frodo visited on and off during the day, and stayed with me during the night, but Sammie really made the most of it. I think she’s a bit disappointed that I’m feeling better now…


Author: Carole

The books I read, the things I make, the places I go.

2 thoughts on “My reading buddy

  1. Sammie seems like an angel. If I wanted to read in bed when I woke up, my 3 would be repeatedly running across my face. They aren’t happy until I am out in the living room with them.


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