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After finishing Rose Boudoir, I’d planned to carry on with Precious Dreams, which hasn’t seen the light of day for a while. That was until I had a rummage in the To Do box and found a kit that had been waiting its turn for a couple of years.

Rose Boudoir was very pretty with those pastel colours, but I really wanted to do something with some bolder colours so when I spotted A whole lotta latte, I couldn’t resist a new start.

Latte-stashYou have to admit that there are some gorgeous bright colours in this one. It’s a kit by Dimensions and came with black Aida. I dislike stitching on Aida so I’ve substituted some nice black Jobelan instead.

I haven’t done a Dimensions kit before but the chart is nice and clear with good instructions. There are a couple of blended colours, and stitches are done in either 1, 2 or 3 strands which sounds interesting.

I was a bit dubious about stitching on black, and I wasΒ finding it difficult to see the holes in the fabric. I’ve found a strategy that sort of works for now, but could do with finding something better. I’ve been stitching with a sheet of white paper on my lap, with a torch shining on it to bounce the light back up onto the back of the fabric. I have to keep moving the torch, which refuses to stay still while balanced on my leg, but it’s helping a bit. I could do with a stronger light so maybe I’ll borrow the big torch out of the car and see if that’s any better. I’m not quite sure how I’d balance that one though…

Any one got any other suggestions?

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15 thoughts on “A whole lotta latte

  1. The design is so bright and cheery! Love it! For light fabrics that I have difficulty seeing the holes in, I place a piece of black fabric on my lap. For the darker fabrics, I use a white fabric. Though it doesn’t always help. I have found that with the hand dyed fabrics, the process tends to close the holes up sometimes. I hope you find a way to balance it all. I have visions of you balancing a torch (with fire) on one foot, while clutching a flashlight with your toes on the other foot, all while happily stitching ,LOL


  2. I must admit I tend to sew on black more by feeling the needle along the holes rather than using my hopeless eyesight. It certainly looks like a fun project with all the jazzy colours. The only Dimensions kit I’ve made is a Christmas tree ornament on plastic canvas. The threads were lovely quality.


  3. I can’t stitch on black any more thanks to my eyesight, but when I did, I found a gooseneck desk lamp with a nice, long neck very useful. I put it on the floor and aimed the light onto my lap sheet. One with a shorter neck on low table would work too, I’d think.


    • I’ve got a large magnifier-light over it so there’s no room for another light. I’m managing with the torch at the moment though but I may have something better coming soon πŸ™‚


      • I second the lamp underneath, or making it your daytime project. I quite like Dimension kit thread quantities but I wish we could order them with the same colour evenweave. I HATE throwing away the aida, it seems so wasteful, but I can’t stitch on it either anymore.


        • Mostly I stitch in the evening, due to work, and even when I do get time on my day off, there’s no natural light in the front room. I do love my LED lighting though πŸ™‚

          Wouldn’t it be great if all kits gave you the option of evenweave instead of aida? I’d happily pay a bit more knowing I wouldn’t have to sub the fabric myself.


  4. Colours look good against the black Aida, good luck & I expect you are now hopping for good light.


  5. Such a vibrant piece! Black can be challenging to work on. I use the same trick of placing some white fabric/paper under my work. I find that if the room is well lit I don’t really need an additional light source shining onto the fabric/paper. Frequent breaks to look away from my fabric also help to ease the strain on my eyes.


    • The room is well lit, but it’s the overhead magnifier-light that makes the holes harder to see, oddly enough. I can’t see to stitch without it though, hence putting extra light beneath the fabric.


  6. It will look great once finished! I’ve never stitched on black cloth but maybe natural light would help? Or you could find one of those clip-on reading lights and clip it to your hoop? I hope you find a good way of doing it without forcing too much of your eyes πŸ™‚


    • I’m doing little and often on it as I normally only get an hour to stitch of an evening, so eye strain shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve got a large magnifier-light too so it’s brightly lit. It’s just hard to see the holes with an overhead light on it. I’m managing though πŸ™‚

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