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A clean, shiny greenhouse


Well, maybe not shiny, but it’s definitely clean. We spent a couple of days emptying it, scrubbing it down and disinfecting it. Then we did the same to all the stands, propagators and lids, plus all the tools that I use in there, and put them back in the greenhouse.

The outside got a quick clean and we started moving all the tubs and grow bags, and removing dead plants.

270316-01It looks a lot tidier around that part of the garden now but there’s still a lot to do. The inside of the greenhouse is functional now though, which was the priority.

270316-02There’s plenty of room for starting off seeds. I won’t be growing as much as last year, and I need to make it a lot easier to manage now that I’m working again, but there will definitely be veg as it was brilliant being able to harvest dinner from the garden last year.

270316-04My sowing and potting bench is all set up and I’ve already started getting some seeds in.

270316-03I love seeing the little seedlings come up. I need to make sure I find time to visit the greenhouse every day now to keep an eye on them.

The next job is to finish getting the pots and beds ready,

270316-05and to tidy up the herb garden, which is looking a bit tatty at the moment.


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12 thoughts on “A clean, shiny greenhouse

  1. Everything looks wonderful! I think about gardening every year, but I have no clue. Hubby has planted annuals for me the last couple of years, but I want things that will come back every year, not appetizing to the bunnies, that bloom in different stages of spring and summer. I think I want to give it a go this year, but I will probably back out again šŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see what is sprouting in your garden šŸ™‚


  2. it looks like a lot less work than last Spring, when you were really having to clear out the jungle.


    • Oh I know. I’d never get that much done now so it’s a good job that it’s only a bit of tidying and cleaning to do. I’m going to try to clear up at the end of the season this year too, but last year I started the new job and lost the plot a bit šŸ˜‰


  3. Wow! That looks fabulous! The idea of being able to harvest your own dinner šŸ˜€ Here we get ridiculously excited when we manage to grow one tomato. One tomato doesn’t go very far in a salad let me tell you šŸ™‚


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