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Coast Ripple Blanket #3


I’ve managed to get another seven rows done on this and it’s now starting to look more blanket-like.

Ripple-06It’s very warm on my legs as I’m working on it so I feel that it might get put on one side for the summer months, assuming we get any. As it would be a shame to have noΒ crochet to play with while it’s warmer, I allowed myself to be tempted by another Attic24 design, with wool pack from The Wool Warehouse.

SunnyLogCabin-01It’s worked as separate squares so no heavy blanket sitting on my legs and I love the Log Cabin design. The colours are scrumptious and very different to the Coast Ripple.

SunnyLogCabin-02The plan was to make a start on this once it got too warm to do the Ripple but recently I spotted something that changed my mind.

I was reading a few blogs, hopping from one to the other when I came across a CAL (crochet-along) and I’m afraid it was simply irresistible. The packs are available from The Wool Warehouse and come in three colour combinations. I’m quite smitten with two of them but I think I’ve decided which one to do.

The CAL starts on April 20th which I think will be the perfect time to put the Ripple away until the cooler weather. It consists of lots of different squares, using different stitches and techniques, which sounds like great fun. It uses a brand of yarn that I’ve heard of, but never used so that’s something new too.

I’ll post photos of the yarn pack as soon as it arrives!


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10 thoughts on “Coast Ripple Blanket #3

  1. LOVE the ripple afghan. I used to make those all the time when I first learned to crochet. Almost started one this weekend as I have a baby blanket to make for a baby shower coming up, but opted for another pattern. Love the colors in your blanket. So beachy looking. Your Log Cabin blanket is going to be awesome! Can’t wait to see the colors worked up in this one.


  2. Carole, your Coast Afghan is shaping up beautifully!


  3. Your ripple is beautiful and I’m looking forward to watching your progress in the CAL. I love a big bag full of new yarn πŸ™‚


  4. your ripple blanket is looking gorgeous


  5. Coast is coming along beautifully. The sunny colours are gorgeous, I did them as a Granny stripe and I love it. I’m curious to see which CAL pack you’ve ordered πŸ™‚


    • Thanks. It’s getting a bit cumbersome to move around as I crochet but now it’s looking more like a blanket, and less like a scarf, I’m enjoying it more.
      I struggled to pick which colour to do the CAL but in the end I decided that Stars looked similar colours to the sunny log cabin and Sea looked a bit like the ripple, so I went for Rain. I love the muted colours. I was so tempted to order Stars as well though.


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