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There’s not much going on in the garden at the moment. I haven’t had a chance to get outside and do much more than my daily greenhouse check.

Some of the seeds are coming up nicely in the greenhouse, especially the ones in the heated propagator. At the moment there are four different varieties of tomato in there and they’re all looking good so far.

Apr05-tomatoesOn the right are the aubergines, and you can just see the first one about to make an appearance. I’m quite excited to see how they do as I haven’t grown them before.

The basil was doing so well that I’ve taken it out of the propagator now and it’s on the main stand, under a clear lid.

Apr05-basilThe star so far though are the courgettes. I’ve just sown one variety at the moment although I have seeds for two more to put in later.

Apr05-courgettesThis is the variety that I grew last year, Black Forest, and it kept us well supplied with courgettes for most of the summer. I had five plants last year so I’ll just keep the strongest two of these and maybe a couple each of the other varieties.

I’m hoping for good weather next week so I’ll feel more motivated to get outside and sort out the raised beds and herb garden.


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8 thoughts on “Seedlings!

  1. I see sprouts! You are off to a great start.


  2. little seedlings will soon grown into big, strong plants ^^


  3. I am so bad at growing things. I must take after my mother who once had plastic flowers that died. I would like to try to grow herbs againg though.

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