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A new sofa


We were in Costco a couple of weeks ago and spotted some lovely sofas for pets. They looked so comfy with plump, plush cushions so we bought one. We thought it’d be perfect for the cats, especially as it’s big enough for when Frodo is fully grown. We’re constantly on the lookout for oversized pet things 🙂

For now though, Sammie seems to like it best although she won’t sit on the fluffy cushion part and lounges on the back of it.

Sammie120416-03_bWe’re not sure if that’s because it gets her closer to the radiator or because she prefers the texture of the back.

Sammie120416-04_bShe’s definitely been making herself comfortable on it though so we’re hopeful that they’ll both use it once they get a bit more used to it.


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13 thoughts on “A new sofa

  1. Cats are brilliant – they always do the unexpected 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. LOL so typical. But as long as she uses it. 😀

    And costco? As in the UK one? 😮 I want one of these xD

    Btw it might just be my phone but when I try to click on the images for the larger version I get a nothing was found error.


  3. Kitty couch! Now I have seen it all. LOL Didn’t even know there was such a thing. Your kitty looks so cute on it.

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    • There are some really ornate couches out there for cats. We saw some beauties at the pet show last year, but didn’t think they looked comfy enough. This one is really squishy. Our kitties do like their comfort 🙂


  4. oooh that looks so comfy!

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  5. Hehe! That reminds me of all the hedgehog houses we built, only to have the hedgehog move in- just outside the box!

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