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Dance on the beach CAL #2


I can’t wait to get home from work on Wednesdays now. Last week I was downloading and printing the first part of the CAL before I’d even taken my coat off. I was a bit more restrained yesterday and waited a whole ten minutes after getting home.

After printing off part one last week, I settled down to watch the video so I could get a good start on crocheting in the morning. The video was excellent and made it very clear how to do the popcorn stitch which features on the week one square.

I did do one thing differently to the instructions. I’ve always disliked the way the three chains make the sides look gappy, especially when, as with this CAL, there is a round of dc all around the square. I’ve meant to find out how to do a chainless turn for ages so googled it, watched how to do it on YouTube and had a go. It was a bit fiddly to start with but once I’d done a few it got much easier. It looks a lot better too.

This is the square with the rows of popcorn stitch.


And this is the four of them after blocking.


Aren’t they pretty? I love the way the popcorn stitch looks like ears of wheat.

I also managed to do all four of the squares for the Stars blanket. I was still crocheting on Tuesday afternoon so I took the photo before blocking.


I didn’t notice while taking the photo but you can clearly see that one square is smaller than the others. I realised when I was blocking them as that one was never going to block to the right size. I can only think that I accidentally picked up the 3.5mm hook to do that one instead of the 4mm that I should have used. Luckily I had enough yarn to do another square and I may use the small one as the centre of a cushion cover once the CAL is over.

This week’s squares are done in star stitch. I only got a few rows done on the first square last night as I’m working lates for most of this week and am tired when I get home. Because of that, I probably won’t get all the squares done by next week, but I wasn’t expecting to keep up with all eight squares every time. These are the colours that I’ll be using when I get time though.

Wk2-coloursLove that burgundy for Stars and that grey-lilac for Rain.


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2 thoughts on “Dance on the beach CAL #2

  1. So beautiful and perfect! You crochet beautifully. I am going to enjoy watching you create these blocks 🙂


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