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Dance on the beach CAL #3


I’ve done better than I thought I would with week two of the CAL. I had some late shifts at work last week so I knew that I’d be too tired to do anything once I got home, but I did manage to get in an hour before going out in the morning so that helped.

I was off over the weekend so I caught up a little and have four blocked squares for the Rain blanket.


Star stitch is lovely. I hadn’t tried it before but it was really easy, especially as I did the first square while watching the video again. It makes it so much clearer when you can see where someone is putting the hook to make the stitches, rather than just following written instructions. I really enjoyed doing these squares and they worked up quite quickly.

This is a closer look at one of the squares to see the stitches.


The Stars blanket used a dark colour for the Star stitch and it did make it a bit tricker as it was harder to see where to insert the hook. I think that it would have even trickier had I not just done four squares in a lighter colour though. They did take longer to do, and as I had less spare time to work with, I only got three of them done and none are blocked yet so I haven’t taken a photo. I do have a photo of the blocked squares for week one stars – all the same size this time.


I’m going to do the week three squares on Rain before carrying on with the remaining week two Stars blanket as I’m trying to keep up to date with Rain. Week three looks very complicated though. I started it last night, following the video again. I realised, after reading something about it on the CAL FaceBook group that I could watch the YouTube video on the TV, instead of balancing the laptop on my knees while crocheting. I’m about 30 minutes in to the video so far and it’s made it even easier to see where the hook should go on the different stitches. I’m learning more about the anatomy of a stitch too, which is really helpful.

I think these squares are going to crochet up much more slowly than the lovely star stitch ones, but it’s worth it to learn more new stitches and techniques.

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3 thoughts on “Dance on the beach CAL #3

  1. Beautiful stitching! So perfect! I love the look of the star stitch. I’ve never done that stitch. I will have to try it some day, it’s so pretty.


  2. these squares look really fab, and your stitching is so regular!


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