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A whole lotta latte #2


I’ve done some more to Latte on the odd occasion when I haven’t been crocheting/gardening/working/playing with the cats. I haven’t done much though as the other things have taken most of my time.

This is where I’ve got to now.

Latte-02The cup now has a handle and some steam coming from that hot coffee. I love how the steam looks. It’s half-cross stitch in three strands so it really stands out.

I’ve also started the next cup and have just about finished its saucer. It’s going to be a really colourful one and will take me to the top of the design so I can start to put the border in.

I have a couple of new toys tools too. I’ve wanted a Millennium frame for ages but it was out of the question while I wasn’t working. I ordered it in January and it arrived last week. They’re hand-made and there’s a massive waiting list. I knew from the Cross Stitch Forum that their customer service left something to be desired, especially with communication, but it is possibly the best frame around.

Millennium frameNothing else that I’ve come across gets every bit of the fabric taut, and is so easy to relax and tighten as needed.

It’s quite heavy so I knew I’d need some sort of stand for it so I got a lap stand from Sew and So. It works with the R&R frames too so will get plenty of use as I’ll keep smaller projects in those.

Lap StandI had to reassemble it after trying it as my left hand goes under the fabric and the upright bar was in the way. I’ve bodged it a bit so the upright now goes on the right and it works much better. The bottom part goes under my legs so it’s very stable and the frame rests on top so is easy to flip over to get to the back of the stitching.

It does take a bit longer to get settled now, as I have to fetch the stand, frame, box of bits and the maglight before I can start and I’m a bit hemmed in so need to make sure that I do have everything that I need. Once settled though, it’s very comfortable and it seems to be working well.

Hopefully I can find a bit more time to play with it all soon.



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3 thoughts on “A whole lotta latte #2

  1. Latte is looking lovely. The half stitches on the steam really do make them stand out nicely. I’ve never seen nor heard of the Millennium frame. Is it only for small projects? I do love to have my fabric tight and sometimes the scroll frames just don’t allow me to get a tight fit, especially after rolling the stitching part up. Looks like you have a nice set-up there.


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