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Dance on the beach CAL #4

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I had very little spare time to crochet last week so I barely got week three of the CAL finished, and it isn’t yet blocked. I’ve just this minute wet the squares and put them on the blocking mats. The stitches are cables and bobbles and it was a bit challenging for the first few rows but once I’d got the idea, it was simple enough. The bit in the video that explained the anatomy of a stitch was particularly useful for this square.

Rain-wk3-01I’ve been letting the squares dry on my desk in the craft room for the previous weeks, but it means that I can’t let the cats in there for a few days and they do like going in there as the window gives them the best view of the garden and the bird feeders. I’ve been scratching my head trying to think of an alternative place to put the blocking but as the cats get pretty much everywhere it’s taken a while to find somewhere. I realised that they don’t get on top of the bookcases in the bedroom as there isn’t anything close enough for them to jump from, so that’s where four of the above squares are now drying.

I managed to get the fourth square done for the Stars blanket, week two so they are waiting to be blocked now. I can’t quite get eight mats on top of the bookcases so they’ll have to wait a couple of days.

Stars-wk2-01I’ve barely started the week four squares from last Wednesday. I’m on about row eight of the first square. I had some late shifts again last week and I’m just too tired once I get home. I think I may have to restart the square too, as it’s coming up a little too wide so I think I may do better going down from a 4mm hook to a 3.75mm.

I can’t see all four of the current squares being finished for next Wednesday, but I shall give it a try.


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One thought on “Dance on the beach CAL #4

  1. well done for keeping up with the CAL 🙂


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