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Dance on the beach CAL #6


I don’t have any of the week five squares done yet. I started them several times but once again I’m having gauge issues. The square is pretty much just half-trebles so should come up the same as the gauge square but even going all the way down from a 4mm to a 3.25mm, it was coming up too wide. I don’t have any smaller hooks with a comfortable grip so I’ve gone back to Stars for a while, until I can get the right size hook or get my tension right with the ones that I have.

Week four of Rain is blocked now.

Rain-wk4-02And also week two of Stars.

I’ve also managed to get a couple more weeks done on stars while procrastinating over the tension problems with Rain.

Not only crocheted, but blocked!

Week three, which I love in that bright orange.

Stars-wk3-01And week four, which I think is an appropriate colour for waves.

Stars-wk4-01The four completed weeks of Stars are looking really bright and cheerful now.

Stars-4thJuneThe two drawers that I’m using for this project are filling up nicely now, with sixteen squares in each. I’ve had a bit of extra time to crochet due to getting an injection in my dodgy knee, which seems to have made things worse and not better. I’m hopeful that things will improve though, and am making the most of the extra crafting time while I wait.


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2 thoughts on “Dance on the beach CAL #6

  1. All of your blocks are so pretty and perfect! Can’t wait to see you put them all together.


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