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Dance on the beach CAL #8


I’m almost caught up with the Rain squares now. I just need to do this week’s. They’re easy enough, but the gauge is a problem again. I’ll get there though.

Week seven was easy and fun to do, but took a little longer as it was done mostly in dc. I liked that a lot of people in the FB group did different motifs, but I liked the hearts so stuck with that. I may do something different for Stars though.

Rain - wk7Week eight is probably my favourite stitch so far. It’s waffle stitch and although I’d used the technique before, I hadn’t used it for that particular stitch. It’s a lovely texture and worked up really quickly.

Rain - wk8I’ve also done a few more of the squares for the Stars blanket but need to block them before taking a photo.


Author: Carole

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6 thoughts on “Dance on the beach CAL #8

  1. Beautiful squares! I love the waffle design. They really do look like waffles.


  2. you’re getting really good at this crochet lark!


  3. I love the hearts. You could do them in so many colors!


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