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Rosie’s quilt


I’ve made small quilts for both Sammie and Frodo so I want to make one for Rosie too. The plan was to have it ready for when we brought her home, but as I was having problems cutting the fabric, due to the dodgy shoulder, I waited until I’d bought the new ruler thingy from the craft show.

I’ve given the ruler a try and it is definitely easier to cut. Less pressure required and it doesn’t move at all. So, now that cutting is going to be easier, and more accurate, I shall crack on and get little Rosie’s quilt made before she outgrows it.

I looked at lots of different blocks and rummaged though my fabrics, but I’ve decided to do yet another Disappearing nine patch, using some pretty squares from a couple of small charm packs that I got at a show a couple of years ago. I added two fat quarters of a plainer fabric in a nice blue.

Rosie's quilt-01I’ve already cut the squares needed from the fat quarters and have made a good start on sewing the blocks. I feel that it isn’t going to be large enough though as I’d like it to drape over the chair that she prefers to sleep on upstairs. I don’t have any more of the silver squares that I’ve used for the centres so I think I’ll use some of the squares from the new Moda grunge charm packs with some brown FQs that match the blue ones. I need one more colour for the centres so I’ve sent for a couple of fat quarters plus some rather pretty fabric for the backing.

Hopefully I’ll have some more progress to report on this one soon as Rosie needs something nice to snuggle onto.



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4 thoughts on “Rosie’s quilt

  1. It’s going to be beautiful! Can’t wait to see it all finished and the kitty using it.

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  2. maybe the other cats will let Rosie borrow their quilts while this one is in the making


    • That’s not a bad idea actually. I could borrow the one on the back of the sofa as Sammie doesn’t lie on there as much now. I just want to put something on that chair for her as she keeps slipping through the gap between the seat and the back and then she gets all indignant 😀

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