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Rosie’s quilt #2


Progress! It isn’t finished yet, but it’s coming on.

I got the original four blocks made up but it definitely wasn’t going to be large enough for what I wanted. Rosie loves sleeping on the chair next to the bed and was very impressed when I borrowed one of the other small quilts to put on it. I’m thinking that a larger quilt plus a cushion would be perfect for her.

These are the four blocks that I did to start with.

Rosie's quilt-02I just needed to find more fabric for eight more blocks. I had more than enough of the patterned squares from the charm packs so that wasn’t a problem. I had a bit more of the blue fabric and enough of a matching brown fabric, but that left me needing something for the centres. I didn’t have any more of the silver fabric so I took four pink/lilac squares from the grunge charm packs and sent for a pale golden-brown for the other four squares.

Rosie's quilt - 05Yesterday I found the time to sew up the eight blocks and now have this lovely pile.

Rosie's quilt - 03 Rosie's quilt -04Next step is to cut them into four and then play around with them to see how I want to arrange them. I’ve got some long shifts coming up this week so it may be a while before I can get back to this but I’m happy with how much I got done this weekend, considering that most of today has been spent in front of the TV with three Wimbledon matches and the British Grand Prix.




Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Rosie’s quilt #2

  1. Looking beautiful! Love the Asian themed fabrics. Nice addition to what you already had.


  2. oooh lots of lovely Japanese prints for Rosie ^^
    I love a disappearing 9 patch – look forward to seeing this one take shape


    • The little charm packs were so pretty that I couldn’t resist them but it’s taken me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with them. D9Ps are really easy and effective. And bonus – no HSTs LOL


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