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At the moment, I’m nearing the end of the Dance on the beach CAL. I have a started ripple blanket and I have the yarn for a log cabin blanket. You’d think three projects would be enough, wouldn’t you.

Apparently not, as I’ve just signed up for the Carousel CAL by Stylecraft and Susan Pinner. It’s truly gorgeous and quite different to the others that I have on the go. There are two yarn packs for it. One is in the basic Stylecraft DK. It’s bright and cheerful and I was just about resisting it, despite the loveliness of the design.

Then I saw the other yarn pack in Stylecraft’s new yarn, Batik. The colours are more subtle and muted in this version and I completely fell in love with it.

The CAL starts in a few days and I’ve no chance of finishing the Dance on the Beach CAL by then. I’m still on week 11 and have only done two of the eight squares. That leave eight for week 12 plus joining and the border.

Do I abandon Dance on the beach to start the luscious new CAL, or be disciplined and finish it first?

This is the yummy yarn.

Stash-02Just look at these colours!

Stash-01Here’s a link to the designer’s blog with pics of the finished blankets – Susan Pinner

I can’t wait to get my hook into that yarn 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Carousel CAL

  1. While finishing one thing before starting another is the way I would like to go and recommend…I say go for it and start the new one! Love the yarn you chose and can’t wait to see this one started 🙂


  2. I know what you mean! Finish before you start another….. It is so tempting….:)!!

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