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Snipped ‘n’ chipped


Rosie went to the vets recently to get spayed. While she was there they chipped her too, as it’s easier to do it while they’re under the anaesthetic. She shook off the effects of being put under really quickly and after an evening spent sprawled across my lap, she perked right up.

rosie130916-01_bOnce she started moving around, she decided that she really, really didn’t like the collar so used all four feet and just pushed it off. We hate the things and the way the cats react to them so looked for an alternative, rather than keep putting it back on her.

After doing a bit of research on Google, I sent Stephen to Asda to pick up a babygro. He had no clue where they were in the shop, or indeed what one looked like, so he asked for help. He then had a bizarre conversation which went something like this:

Stephen: Can you point me in the right direction for a babygro please?

Asda assistant: Sure, they’re over here. Is it for a boy or a girl?

Stephen: Ah, neither actually.

Asda assistant: ???

Stephen: It’s for my cat.

Asda assistant: *pause* So, is it a girl or a boy cat?

Yeah. Full marks to the Asda girl for not being thrown by that one. She also asked the cat’s name and recommended one that had flowers on, as they looked a bit like roses. Love it!

rosie140916-01_bI cut the babygro thing as recommended on the internet. I’m thinking it was too large for her though as it lasted five minutes before she took it off. I then tried a smaller one from boots but that didn’t even last five minutes.

We gave up at this point and as she didn’t seem to be licking at the wound, we didn’t bother with any more babygros or collars.

Unfortunately she must have either licked it or maybe damaged it by leaping around as when we took her back to see the vet for the stitch removal, it was quite scabby and the stitch had to be left in. The vet was keen for the collar to go back on, but knowing how much Rosie would hate that, we shelled out for the special bodysuit. In hindsight, we should have got that to start with.

rosie220916-02_bThis was much better. It only affected her ability to run and jump a little and she couldn’t get it off. I rolled it up to her front legs a few times, to give her a good brush, and it was easy to redo up afterwards. It also did the job of protecting the wound as when we took her back to the vet, it was all healed and a couple of days after that stitch came out, the bodysuit came off too.

I gave her another really good brush, which she enjoyed, (she really loves being groomed) and she spent the rest of the day giving herself a thorough wash.

We think the vet may have inserted some springs while they were operating as she seems even more bouncy than before. She ‘s full of energy and apart from a bare bit where she was shaved, is completely back to normal.


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9 thoughts on “Snipped ‘n’ chipped

  1. I would think she would have less energy, not more.


  2. I’m laughing ^^
    When we had Abby spayed the vet put a sort of stretchy tubular bandage on her (like a body suit and possibly the same kind of bandages they use on new born babies around the middle for umbilical cord) and they cut holes for legs.


  3. The babygro is awesome on her! So cute 🙂 I’m glad she is back to normal now, so hard when you know your pet really hates the collar although it’s necessary 😦


  4. Oh Carole, why didn’t I know about the babygro!!!!! My poor Mollie tried to pull the stitches out on day 2 and was bleeding – she also then had to wear the collar and was given antibiotics. As we do, I felt sorry for her and took the collar off the next day. She behaved well for the next three days and on Sunday I was woken up by a howling cat, rolling all over the floor – her tooth was stuck in one of the stitches! I was so worried and nervous but managed to unhook her tooth and luckily there was no damage. The stitches came out yesterday and I have to say I am very relieved about it


    • I wish I’d known about it when we had Sammie done. I don’t think she’s forgiven us yet for the collar as we had to have a larger one put on her as she could get around the one she had to start with.
      I’d have been in bits if Rosie had got into so much trouble with her stitches. I’m glad Mollie is ok now, but you must have been worried sick about her.


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